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Four Popular Remote Positions in the US

Positions in the US

Many companies have already managed to test the remote format of work during the previous two years. Some individuals who worked in the office are unlikely to return to them. However, employers can offer employees both remote and in-office work to perform daily tasks. There is also a hybrid work model.- Positions in the US

Today, thanks to vaccines’ development and widespread distribution against COVID-19, people and businesses have hope for a new hybrid format of work. It combines remote and in-office work, presenting a universal operating model for companies and individuals who find themselves in a world of growing uncertainty.

Thanks to the pandemic, we realized that the possibility of remote work is determined not only by professions but also by tasks and activities. Remote work is still a challenge for many companies and their employees. Businesses are contemplating how best to set up their workflow without losing high quality. Employees are trying to balance work and home to maintain productivity and not burn out. This article will provide a list of four popular remote positions in the US you could apply for.

Digital Marketing Specialist- Positions in the US

A specialist is responsible for promoting services and various products on the network. Their responsibilities include analyzing the market (assessing the price and demand level, studying the target audience’s behavioural factors), and selecting effective tools that increase sales. To become one of them, you can find many paid and free courses and other useful information on the Internet.

Median salary in the US: 54,000$.

Graphic Designer

A sought-after specialist in the modern labour market, responsible for developing logos, various thematic images for websites, creating presentations, banners, flash animations, layouts for printed advertising products, etc. This position allows you to unleash your creative potential as a person and learn to think outside the box. This is your profession if you love graphics and everything connected with it. 

Median salary in the US: 55,000$.


The main duty of a copywriter is to write unique articles and advertising texts for various blogs, websites, and social networks. The services of this specialist are used by SEO promotion studios, business owners, online magazines and anyone who needs high-quality text material. If you have a good command of English, you can start your career as a remote copywriter. Today, almost all sites need interesting and useful articles, so you can easily find topics close to you and related to your hobby or specialization. You can write posts for social networks, describe products for online stores, do news reviews, etc.

Median salary in the US: 69,000$.

SEO Specialist

The main task of this individual is to promote websites and blogs in the top search engine results. A professional in SEO promotion knows how to quickly bring a resource to the first pages of search engine results and thereby attract the maximum number of potential customers for the business. If you are thinking about what kind of work you can do remotely and still make good money, become an SEO specialist.

Median salary in the US: 53,000$.


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