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Cool Ways To Travel

Cool Ways To Travel

If you’re tired of the traditional airport routine or tourist destinations, it might be time to up your travel game with Cool Ways To Travel. There are tons of unique ways to travel that give you a new perspective on a popular area or introduce you to something you never knew existed. Instead of booking your flights and hotel for a humdrum vacation, consider some of these cool ways to travel and alternative means of traveling the world.


Skip the Hawaii cruise in favor of a Hawaii submarine. Atlantis submarines bring tourists below the surface of some of the most popular ocean destinations so you can see aquatic wildlife in its natural habitat. Places such as Hawaii and Australia are great destinations to try out this fun travel experience. You can visit the Great Barrier Reef, get to know the diverse undersea ecosystem and experience a whole new aspect of your vacation destination.

Horse Caravan

If you enjoy spending nights in the great outdoors and are looking for a unique way to see the Irish countryside, consider taking a horse caravan through the hills of the most popular counties. The caravan is kind of like a camper but drawn by horses you’ll drive and take care of yourself during the trip. The caravan includes all the amenities you might have in a camper van or upscale camping setup but with the added bonus of being able to easily traverse difficult terrain and connect you to the outdoors along the way.

Freighter Cruise

This option isn’t for the faint of heart. Freighter cruises aren’t just for stowaways anymore; you can book passage across the ocean on large freighter boats. They come without amenities and only take a handful of passengers but allow you a completely unique experience. You can see how the freight industry works firsthand, as well as gain access to industrial ports you might not otherwise be able to see. If you’re looking for a bare-bones but completely unique experience, this type of cruise might be for you.

Trans-Siberian Railway

Russia is a unique travel experience in and of itself, and the Trans-Siberian Railway is your means to see it all. The track spans the entire width of the massive country, from Vladivostok on the eastern coast to Moscow near the western border. It makes a total of seven stops between its two endpoints, a journey that can take a full week.

Along the way, you’ll learn about Russian history and get to listen to speakers from different areas of the country. It’s a fun way to take a deep dive into an expansive nation and get to know its history and modern customs.

Cable Cars- Cool Ways To Travel

Plenty of destinations have their own version of impressive cable cars that allow you a bird’s eye view of the terrain and attractions. One of these is the Ba Na Hill Cable Car in Vietnam. The track stretches over almost 18,000 feet of the Vietnamese countryside, ending in the resort hills where most tourists spend their time. It holds four Guinness world record titles.

The Stanserhorn Cabrio is a cable car in Switzerland that carries visitors up into the mountains so they can see the peaks and valleys from above. What makes this particular car unique is not only its capacity — 60 passengers at once — but also that it has a roofless upper deck. Riders can enjoy the open mountain air as they gaze at the beauty before them.

There’s even the Peak 2 Peak Gondola in Canada, which boasts the longest free span between ropeway towers in the world. This travel selection is an incredible way to see the snowy Canadian mountains. It takes people 2.7 miles from the peak of Mt. Whistler to the peak of Mt. Blackcomb.

These are a few unique ideas to keep in mind when traveling around the world. They give you a new perspective of your destination and create some truly incredible memories for you and your family.

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