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One of the quickest ways for any CBD format to start working in our bodies is through smoking it. Humans can do this easily, but cats can’t. This is why we have prepared a few ways for you to give CBD oil to your cat extract via the second-best methods.  

4 effective Methods to give CBD oil to your Pets

Adding It to Their Cat Food

Usually, the most frequent and popular method people choose to implement is to place a few drops into or onto their food, be it wet or dry, it absorbs the same. If your cat has no food worries and likes to eat what he is given, then this won’t be a hassle. Make sure to give CBD oil to them to measure the amounts you start with then increase as you go along, keeping it still at a balanced amount and not overdoing.

Prepare the meal as you normally would, if it’s a can, mush the food up in his bowl and add a few drops to it, if its dry food, make sure you put the drops onto the individual pellets so it does not go to waste. Mix it up and serve it to your feline to enjoy.

Adding it to Their Treats

This is also an easy and effective method to add some oil to their ECS (Endocannabinoid System) find out more about this system here: If your cat has his or her favorite treats, from day 1 you should add a few drops to it, so they can get used to the taste. If you do this later after they have already been eating the treats for a few days, chances are they will sense a difference in taste and reject it.

A similar process to when you added it to their meals; some pet owners choose to put it in their hand, place a few drops onto it and then give CBD oil to them, depending on how big they treat it or how many you are giving. Always follow the dosage instructions, don’t get carried away by adding a few drops to all 10 treats in your hand.

Directly Feeding It to Him

Animals can be squeamish at times when it comes to making them open their mouth, but there is a trick to this. Sometimes you may not need to do much, hold the dropper in front of them, let these naturally curious creatures have a sniff, and explore what’s in front of them. They may lick the dropper which means they like it, which means they will easily open their mouth for a few drops – job done. Click here to learn more about this trick.

Or if they haven’t yet grown accustomed to it, or walk away, you may need to get a little more assertive. Pull the oil through the dropper, find a comfortable place to sit, and bring your cat into your arms facing away from you. You can place a towel beneath him so he is more comfortable and doesn’t scratch you in the process. 

Use one hand to stroke your pet and keep him relaxed, and with the other hand, once he is calm, gently take our dropper and lift his head from the jaw, put the dropper inside his mouth, and squirt it slowly, making sure you don’t hurt his mouth. Do this slowly, so he can swallow it properly as opposed to quickly. Rub his tummy and allow him to digest it. 

Use Ready-Made CBD Cat Treats

Sometimes you may not have the time or patience to sit and stroke your cat till he swallows that CBD oil, in which case there is a simple and effective solution – read made CBD treats. Companies that specialize in CBD products for cats and dogs, such as Holistapet have been around for a while and their products already contain good amounts of CBD in them, from treats to oils, to food items, and different flavors too.

Get yourself one of the Salmon flavored cat treat and give CBD oil to your pet this once a day to fulfill all its nutritional needs, no hassles of adding it to their food or placing a dropper in their mouth, just leave it in their bowl or give it to them with your hand, and done, Everyone’s a winner! 

Make sure the products you buy are grain-free and easy for your cat to eat, as well as not having any artificial additives in them. Many pet owners swear by these as the go to in today’s busy lifestyle.

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