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Best tricks to take portrait photos at home

portrait photos at home

Ever wanted to take a good portrait picture at home, but failed to do so? Worry not! Here are the best tips and guide to take an excellent portrait photos at home.

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Making a portrait photo at home is creative and also empowering especially for beginners of photography and art.

Here are the most important things to do when taking portrait pictures at home.

1. Sitter and photographer

The portrait tells a story as much about you as the person you are photographing.

It is important to start by asking your sitter or sitters if they are comfortable.

When making portraits with people, ask simple questions to help them think about their feelings and photograph those moments.

Try not to be too bossy, but be assertive when you want them to do something. Try to work in silence sometimes and see how your subject responds and take pictures of that.

2. Generating ideas


portrait photos at home

Think about the emotions you have shared as a family at home recently.Write down thoughts, draw a mind map, or talk these through with each other.

Try not to feel limited by what you think other people might think.Trust your idea and find a way to do it, no matter how crazy it might feel.

3. Expressing ideas


A person with her hand on her face Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Sometimes we can find it hard to express our feelings directly and the camera can help us! It can give us a reason to explore sides of ourselves we might find difficult to share normally.

It can feel scary to show a vulnerable or secret side of ourselves to others, but the camera is a great way to communicate to other people what your life is like.

4. Take lots of pictures

A collage of a person with glasses and a cigarette in her mouth Description automatically generated with low confidence

We have many expressions that communicate different emotions and the camera will capture all of them. When you have lots of images, go through them and choose a few that represent what you want to say.

Try not to just choose the prettiest or the nicest.Think about which picture most represents your feelings and the theme.

5. Lighting and props


A person with the hand on the face Description automatically generated with medium confidence

The way the light looks in a portrait is a very important part of conveying the emotion you want other people to feel.

Experiment with the light in your home. Ask permission if you want to move a lamp to create the feel you want.Create a studio by using a sheet as a backdrop and make homemade props!

6. Reviewing your pictures

Don’t delete your portraits too quickly. If you aren’t happy with them, ask why. Try to leave them for a little while and come back to them, and see how you feel – otherwise you might delete a picture you later regret, or that other people think helps to understand you.

Enjoy your portraits and have confidence in yourself!



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