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Best tricks and tips to play the online lottery in India

By mindmingles Dec 28, 2020
online lottery in India

Lotteries can be your assured shots at money-making provided that you put forth your persistence, perseverance, and wits. Lotteries are considered as risky gameplay, but then again, that risk is what adds the thrill. A few online lottery in India with tricks and tips which could help you land millions of dollars overnight. 

All you need to do is put your mind in the right direction and follow the tips mentioned below. 

Lottery tricks and tips 

The realm of the lottery is a twisted space with complicated moves and elaborate sleights. Although many people believe it to be a luck favored game, it has more substance. The lottery game does not merely judge a winner based on fate or destiny; that’s just a gambling fallacy fed to the lottery amateurs. 

  • The game of gambling stretches far beyond luck and destiny. It most essentially revolves around the principles of maths. 
  • If you happen to know the basic rules of probability, you will know that everyone in this game is entitled to odds. 
  • Some odds favor your gameplay while others go against it. 
  • And that’s what you need to figure out. Spot the odds that favor you and avoid the ones that target you. 

This was all a game of lottery runs around. So if next time you think that your luck stinks, well, try playing the other way. Because it wasn’t just your luck, maybe you were just upsetting the odds of the game. 

Let’s delve into some basic lottery tricks and tips to extract some victories in our league. 

Select the right games to play 

The online cricket betting id game section is one messed up corner of the Internet. Some lotteries fall into the unachievable zones with a million-dollar prize eyed by billions of people. Such scenarios just decrease your chances of victory, with each player engaging in the same lottery contest as you. The only viable option here seems to:

  • Choose the lottery prizes with low victory prizes. 
  • Opting for big wins sure seems like a great idea, but it significantly lowers your chances of victory. 
  • Because famous lotteries with big prizes involve international players and a large gentry competing for a single reward. 
  • This tends to reduce your odds for victory by a high percentage. 
  • On the other hand, if you choose the games with significantly lower prizes, it will amp up your chances of winning. 
  • Playing games that involve fewer players will consequently favor your odds, and who knows, you might end landing a few extra dollars of victory. 
  • Although the shiny million-dollar prizes seem tempting, chasing the ones with lower stretch is a wise decision. 
  • Adding up these significantly small figures may give out high returns and save you a lot of ticket money. 

Set up a lottery syndicate 

A lottery syndicate is basically a setup where various lottery players join their tickets and play as a team. 

  • The more tickets you withhold, the more will be chances at victory
  • However, lottery tickets could cost a lot, and buying more than three could exceed your expenditure limits. 
  • That’s why many people prefer to pool their tickets and share the prize if they win. 
  • This way, they lower their ticket expenses and, at the same time, increase their chances of winning. 
  • Moreover, if you are pooling your tickets, you can go for fancy bets and lotteries. 
  • Lottery syndicates are the mightiest weapons to draw odds in your favor during an intense lottery match. 

Go for the games that offer second-chance rewards 

Highly successful lottery tickets may or may not extend this wonderful lottery feature called the second chance game. 

  • A second chance game lottery is essentially a lottery game feature where if your numbers landed close to the winning numbers, you are entitled to a reward. 
  • The fundamental rule was to match up at least 4 numbers with the winning lottery ticket number. 
  • This way, you will be rewarded with a consolation prize. 
  • So, that does increase your chance of winning a cash prize. 
  • Therefore next time, before signing up for any lottery, be sure to check for the second chance column. 
  • The second chance game drawings can be your flickering hopes to a lottery victory. 

Don’t pick numbers between 1 to 31

There’s no straight objection here, but you should avoid these numbers. 

  • The thing is that 1 to 31 are calendar numbers. 
  • Every other number will surely be associated with someone’s birthday or anniversary, so people are most likely to pick them. 
  • And that’s when numbers beyond 31 get sidelined. 
  • However, a winner’s approach should be to target all the numbers equally or choose the ones that fit through probability test cases. 
  • Therefore, during number selection, do not get carried away with birthdays or anniversaries; instead, focus on the math. 


There are indeed no hard and fast rules when it comes to scoring lottery wins. However, you can steer through these lottery tricks and tips and mold them into your gameplay to build up strategies. Elaborately planned strategies will augment your odds of winning and drive away the odds that hinder your victory milestones.

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