How to Allow Attachments in WordPress Comments (Full Guide)


Allow Attachments in WordPress Comments

Hello If you are searching on internet to allow attachments in wordpress comments then you are at right place. By default, attachments are not allowed in wordpress comments but if you want your users to add attachments in wordpress comments then I have an interesting tutorial for you, which enable you to add attachments in wordpress comments .In this post I will step by step teach you that how you can enable attachments in wordpress  comments.

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How to Allow Attachments in WordPress Comments : A Step-by-Step Guide

1. To allow attachments in WordPress comments, firstly you need to install and activate the Comment Attachment plugin.

2. After the Activation, you need to go to Settings » Discussion and go to the Comment Attachment section where you can configure the settings as shown in screenshot.

3. In this plugin,there are many types of file extensions which you need to select, then the extensions you have selected only can be uploaded by the users.

4. Then click on save changes button.


Visit your website and see the ‘upload attachment’ field in WordPress comment form section.

Before approving the user’s comment,you can see the attachment uploaded by the users.
If you don’t want the attachment to be posted then you can simply delete the attachment by clicking on Delete Attachment link.
I hope,with this tutorial you have learnt that how to allow attachment in wordpress comments. For more tips and tricks,stay tuned for new updates.


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