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5 Types of Flatmates That You Might Come Across

By sweety Sep 29, 2022
5 Types of Flatmates That You Might Come Across

Living independently is amazing, till you realize that you have a few budget constraints, and that is where a flatmate or roommate comes into the picture. A new character in your story sharing the same personal space as you. 

You can never be sure about the personality of your flatmate even though you have been friends for a long time because living together changes everything. It has its own set of pros and cons. But we want you to be ready for the most common flatmate personalities, so let’s get started!

The Social Butterfly 

Are you an introvert? If yes, then get ready to meet your counter-opposite: THE EXTROVERTS! Say goodbye to your stagnant yet peaceful life, and be ready for a life full of people. But obviously more people in the house means that you would need some proper furniture at your house. At the same time, you and your flatmate might even feel that it might be an expensive investment, but then of course you can always rent out proper furniture without much commitment. 

The Party Animal 

5 Types of Flatmates That You Might Come Across

You can find them always wrestling with a hangover, for them partying is a way of life and they probably believe in the quote,” You only live once”. They are also very fond of throwing ragers, so be careful not to buy any furniture with them around. Instead, rent out furniture and make them pay half and in case of any damages let them pay it all. This might make them a little more responsible. 

The Slob 

5 Types of Flatmates That You Might Come Across

This type of flatmate is the laziest of all, they never want to do anything. They don’t want to clean nor do they want to move, while you’re cleaning. You can see the building pile of dirty plates when they are in charge of washing the dishes. Well, they can also be quite peaceful as they barely leave their room, but to make them contribute more to household chores you can ask them to pay a fine for every task they dodge through. 

The Control Freak 

5 Types of Flatmates That You Might Come Across

These are the Monica of the group, they cannot let anything be out of order, whether it is your Saturday night plan or the kitchen equipment. They have “type A personality” and tend to be over-achievers. To dodge their moods you can keep your surroundings clean and/or stand up for yourself. The choice is yours!

The Guardian 

5 Types of Flatmates That You Might Come Across

They are not your legal guardians, but over time they take up motherly responsibilities or fatherly roles, like cooking meals for you and cleaning after you. This sounds fun till they start telling you who you should hang out with and asking you where you have been all night with a disappointed look. You need to draw strict personal boundaries before it’s too late!


Whoever you end up with as your flatmate, just remember to be your true authentic self and stick to your grounds, everything else will be fine. You don’t have to adapt based on your roommate’s personality, instead embrace your own.

By sweety

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