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3 Ways To Host A Garden Party

By samanvya Nov 9, 2022

Garden parties can be a great idea if you’re celebrating – weddings, birthdays, or engagements – a get-together in the garden can create a relaxed atmosphere in stunning natural surroundings. To host your ideal garden party, there are a few factors that you’re going to have to consider so your guests have a memorable time. From decorations in line with the theme, like a giant inflatable or bunting and lighting, to catering and planning for the weather. Read on as we look at how you can host your perfect garden party.

Why should you host a garden party? 

Garden parties are a great idea if you’re celebrating an occasion or getting people together for a catch-up. You can plan your party around a certain theme, to celebrate an event or as a way of socialising with family and friends – and you don’t have to worry about a venue, your garden will provide as much space as you need to host an exciting event. 

Garden parties are different from your average get-together, and if you are not one for following the crowd, a garden party is a twist on the traditional. Hosting your party outside gives a more relaxed feel, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a casual affair. Your guests will feel more at ease, with the fresh air and sunshine creating the perfect atmosphere for your party. You can be as creative as you’d like with decorations, catering, and entertainment – the outdoors can do most of the work for you, especially if your garden is in bloom and well-maintained. You could add bunting, outdoor heaters and blankets, and catering so your guests have all they need to have a great day – whatever the temperature. 

How to plan for your garden party 

So, if you’ve decided to host a garden party, whether you’re well overdue a catch-up with friends, or you’re planning something larger scale, like a birthday party or even a wedding, there are a few factors that you’ll have to think about during the planning process to make it a success which we will look at in more detail below. 

1.Choose a theme 

First of all, you’re going to have to choose a theme for your party. Making sure that your theme is worked out before you start planning means that you can arrange your decorations, food, and drinks around it. It helps you to bring your ideas together so that you don’t become too stressed when thinking about what you need for your party. Try and stick with a theme that is easy enough to pull off, whether it’s something as simple as a colour scheme, or fancy dress – don’t make it too difficult for yourself or your guests. 

2.Plan for the weather 

If you’re having a party outside, you’ll need to make sure you have everything in place to deal with unpredictable weather. This could be providing shade on a sunny day or using a gazebo for a bit of shelter from the rain. You could provide outdoor heaters to keep your guests warm if it is set to get chilly as the night goes on. Fire pits are also a great way of creating a bit of heat, they look effective and will provide your guests with a cosy atmosphere. Blankets are also a good idea so your guests can wrap up if they need to – no one wants to be standing outside shivering, this could ruin the experience! 


As mentioned previously, a party in the garden is made by the surroundings, especially in summer, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t decorate. Choosing decorations to match your theme is a must, it adds to the atmosphere and creates excitement for your guests. You don’t have to spend an extravagant amount of money on these – think twinkling fairy lights that will look effective as the sun goes down, balloons or bunting to hang on fences. If you are having tables, think of a centrepiece to go with your theme, this could be something as simple as bunches of hand-picked flowers in jars or pots. Small additions can make all the difference. 

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