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3 Timeless Menswear Looks for Any Season

By varsha Aug 30, 2022

Trends are ever fading, but true style is timeless and everlasting. And for anyone looking to transition between the two, you have come to the right place. We are going over three key menswear looks that are a must for every closet and any season.

Look 1: The Easy Mix – Basic Tee, Dark Jeans, and Blazer

Begin this flexible outfit with a high-quality and timeless t-shirt from Fresh Clean Threads to build a tried and tested look that is well-loved. Once you have that, complement it with a well-fitted pair of dark jeans and finish it all with a structured blazer.

This traditional masculine outfit has been favored for decades, and there is a reason for that. Its strong and striking impact is due to its combination of casual everyday essentials with formal pieces. Another reason for its popularity is the look’s versatility. All you need to do is swap the blazer’s fabric depending on the season, and you are good to do. Linen is a favorite for summer months, and a tweed is a classic option for when the temperature drops. 

Look 2: The Power Move- Button Down Shirt with Tailored Trousers

Nothing says relaxed refinement like a man who can effortlessly wear a button-down shirt out and about. Pair that with the sharpness of tailored trousers, and you own a look that can go from the boardroom to drinks with friends.

If you still think this is too formal for everyday wear, roll up the sleeves, open a few buttons, and cuff your trousers. You will look put together but never out of place even when going to the grocery store. Plus, this look’s main components can easily be paired with various items. For example, you can layer the button-down shirt with a sweater and jacket, and the trousers can be styled with anything from a t-shirt to a velvet blazer. 

Look 3: The Full Suit – Well-Tailored Essential

The name says it all. No man can ever go wrong with the suit when cultivating a timeless closet. The key here is tailoring, and once you have found your right fit, you can go wild with prints, and fabrics based on the season, occasion, or mood.

Pair your suit with a fitted button-down while you can always experiment with color. We advise you to keep a white and black button-down in your closet to mix and match with varying suits smoothly. 



An excellent high-quality belt should last you a lifetime, and we recommend you get a brown and black version to complete your closet. The two colorways will enhance your timeless looks and ensure that you stay put together every day.


While we know many sneakerheads and admire their passion, you do not need a wall of shoes to build a versatile closet. Instead, go for an all-white sneaker without logos for your everyday looks. For formal occasions, buy classic loafers in black and brown. The simplicity of the loafer has already been shown to stay constant throughout ever-changing trends.


The mark of a well-dressed man lies in the details, and every time you pull out a battered old wallet, you end up doing your thoughtful styling a disservice. So again, we recommend picking a classic design without bells and whistles. An understated bi-fold wallet constructed of high-quality leather brings a sense of completion to any outfit.

With all these essential pieces, you will have a versatile closet that will stand the test of time and age gracefully with you. But, of course, never be afraid to add your flair to each item to express yourself fully.


By varsha

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