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10 Benefits of Link Building in 2022

Link Building in 2022

Ranking a website isn’t an easy job. Working on SEO can be pretty confusing at the initial stage. When you want consistent long-term success, you have to improve your site’s SEO. Link Building in 2022

In this case, link building is a crucial part of off-page SEO. The best thing is it can give a long-term result. Besides making an attractive website and creating top-notch content, you have to create quality backlinks. 

Yes, backlinks are important, especially when it’s about search engine ranking. In this guide, we will share the importance of link building. Plus, we will cover the top benefits of this process as well. 

What is Link Building?

In simple words, link building is the process to place links on someone else’s website. It’s a detailed process and you need a lot of patience and dedication. There are two types of links you can place on other sites; do-follow and no-follow. 

Do-follow links can improve SEO score while no-follow links can drive traffic. However, most marketers prefer do-follow backlinks as they are very beneficial. There are several ways to place links including guest posting, commenting, forum posting, and more.

Top Benefits of Link Building in 2022

As we noted before, there are so many benefits of link building. In the following list, we will share the top advantages of placing your website link on other sites. Let’s find out:

  1. Increase Website Traffic- Link Building in 2022

One of the top benefits of link building is getting traffic. If you have a new website and it’s not getting enough traffic, it can be the best process. Moreover, you can get targeted website traffic by doing link building. 

  1. Higher Site Metrics

If you are a website owner, you might know about Domain Authority. You see, DA is a crucial site metric when it comes to search engine optimization. In this case, link building can improve SEO score. Besides DA, link building can improve PA and Alexa Rank. 

  1. Boosts Online Visibility 

Online visibility plays a crucial role when you start a business. When your website is linked with other high domain sites, it can boost visibility. Besides link building strategy, it can help you boost digital marketing strategy as well. 

  1. Increase Reputation

A new website needs recognition. In this case, building backlinks can help you out. When other high domain sites recommend your site, it will increase your reputation. Hence, this strategy is also good for boosting social media reputation. 

  1. Reduce Bounce Rates

A high bounce rate can affect your website metrics. It happens when you receive scattered traffic. However, when you get traffic through link building, you can get targeted web traffic. It will reduce your site’s bounce rate. 

  1. Improve Ranking

As we noted before, building backlinks can improve your website ranking. In fact, it’s one of the key reasons to implement this strategy. When your site is linked with high authority sites, it will help crawlers to rank better. 

  1. Building Relationship

Link building is good for building relationships. Hence, it’s one of the best ways to start networking. It will be easier when you start collaborating with people from the same niche. Moreover, you can explore new things. 

  1. New Opportunities

When you start working on link building strategy, you will explore other marketing areas. In this case, you will get new opportunities. For example, many agencies can approach you to run ad campaigns for your new service. 

  1. Consistent Conversion Rates

As we noted before, link building can have a long-term effect. So, you can get a stable conversion rate by linking your site to other high authority domains. When you build a high trust score, you will get returning visitors. 

  1. Boost Social Media Followers

Last but not least, getting backlinks from high authority websites can boost social media followers. Hence, some marketers apply this strategy to promote their social media accounts. Plus, you can get referral traffic. 


You see, link building is a long process. No matter if you are a beginner or an established business owner, link building can give a lot of benefits. However, make sure you are staying away from black hat link building techniques. You can get help from an SEO expert from an enterprise SEO agency.


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