IA Energy Chanju 1 Power Project 36 MW Chamba


IA Energy Chanju 1 Power Project 36 MW Chamba

  • Location: Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Client: I A Energy
  • Date: July, 2011 – October, 2014

Chanju I Hydro Electric Project is a grid connected run-of-river hydropower project located in Chanju, Tehsil Churah, Distt. Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. The Chanju-I project is contemplated as a run-of-river type scheme at Chanju nullah, a tributary of Baira stream in the Ravi basin; which comprises of a 16 m high barrage, 5 km long 3.2 m diameter D-shaped head race tunnel, two underground desilting chambers, 200 m long 2.3 diameter surface penstock and a surface power house.

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